Penny Stock Update: NWTR

My alert of NWTR opened beautifully this morning, stayed green all day and closed up a solid 6.8%. As I mentioned in my report, this penny stock is a multi-day perhaps even multi-week play, for which we could possibly see a 100% gainer.

To keep track of the quality of the penny stocks information I give you — even if you decide not to trade the stock — I alerted NWTR last night at $0.73 and today it closed at $0.78.

To become a 100% gainer the stock would have to go from $0.73 to $1.46. Possible? Certainly. Likely, I think so, otherwise I would not waste your time alerting NWTR in the first place.

The well-known research firm Zacks Equity Research agrees, giving NWTR an “outperform” rating and a $1.40 price target.

The action is just beginning and I wanted to remind everyone that NWTR is not one of those one-day momo wonders that rocket upwards only to quickly crash taking your money with it. You still have time to play if you like.

If you have any questions reach out to me.

I really like the risk/reward ratio with NWTR – nice, beautiful solid profit potential with fairly minimal downside.

All the best always!

Glenn Harris

Standard penny stock disclaimer applies

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